Wallaby Hill  run 2 big events a year.

The Wallaby Hill Young Horse Festival & CCN-S is run the first weekend of December with all dressage on the Saturday along with some Show-jumping. The remainder of the Show-Jumping and all of the Cross-Country runs on the Sunday. This event is a new event that will run in place of the Wallaby Hill International 3DE. The aim is run the event as both a Young Horse Festival and a CCS-S. Ultimately we hope to get a series underway, so that only the best young horses in the country qualify to run at the Young Horse Festival. We will invite  international judges to garner both overseas and domestic interest. Ultimately, we hope this event will encompass Young Horses from the 3 Olympic discipline and will be come a mecca for buyers and breeders. 

The Wallaby Hill Equestrian Extravaganza runs the second Sunday of February. This event is a fun filled day, designed to entertain the crowd and the VIP’s. Eventers pit themselves against Show-jumpers, while wearing outrageous costumes, jumping on the Grass Competition Arena in front of the VIP terrace, where guest can enjoy a picnic basket and local wines.

Spectators are always welcome at Wallaby Hill. To find out more about the upcoming events please click: HERE

If in any doubt about where to go or what to do, please come and ask in the office.



Local accommodation gets booked up quickly, so be sure to get in early to stay in the area. There are some beautiful local spots to visit not far from Wallaby Hill. Accommodation info here


There are some great places to eat in Robertson and its local surrounds. Restaurant info here


No dogs allowed. Please leave them at home.


The Highlands weather is notoriously unpredictable, prepare for all eventualities and hope for the best.


Tel: 0417 664 151

ADDRESS: Wallaby Hill Farm, 122 Wallaby Hill Road, Robertson, NSW 2577


It is really important that you do not enter Wallaby Hill Road into your GPS as it will take you to the wrong one. Nor should you enter Belmore Falls Road as it might take you over the waterfall, which isn’t suitable for trucks. You need to enter “Sasafrass Way – Robertson” and then follow the attached map. Please note the first part is windy and narrow, go slowly and be aware of and courteous to oncoming traffic.