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Wallaby Hill provides a unique boutique venue to promote your business and sell your products to the Equestrian market. The Wallaby Hill 3 Day runs over the first Friday – Sunday in December. The length of the event allows you time to introduce your products to the riders. It is also brilliant Christmas Shopping venue. The Extravaganza is run on one day, the second Sunday in February and caters to both riders and a wider spectator audience who come to enjoy an entertaining day in the picturesque Southern Highlands. 

Wallaby Hill CCN-S

Wallaby Hill International 3 Day

Wallaby Hill Extravaganza


Email: info@wallabyhill.com.au
Tel: 02 4885 2406 | 0417 411 729

ADDRESS: Wallaby Hill Farm, 122 Wallaby Hill Road, Robertson, NSW 2577


It is really important that you do not enter Wallaby Hill Road into your GPS as it will take you to the wrong one. Nor should you enter Belmore Falls Road as it might take you over the waterfall, which isn’t suitable for trucks. You need to enter “Sasafrass Way – Robertson” and then follow the attached map. Please note the first part is windy and narrow, go slowly and be aware of and courteous to oncoming traffic.