Prior to the competition the following places will be available to you to work your horse:

WHF indoor arena & grass on Ridgeview (weather dependant).

ALL DRESSAGE will be on Friday and held on the arenas on Ridgeview and warm-ups will be in both the Indoor and the grass near the Ridgeview Arenas.



ALL CLASSES will be on Saturday.

Absolutely no driving around the course or up the track between or around the two properties.

MAPS will be available online prior to the event, please confirm times in the office.

COURSE WALKING please be respectful of Wallaby Hill, don’t drop rubbish and pick up any you see. Please report any holes or problems on the track to the office.

WARM UP can be accessed from the lane by the start box or a gate way at the edge of paddock. Either way please report to the marshals.

COOL DOWN will be on the top side of the dam, you will be funnelled into it from the finish. It will have 6 overhead hoses and 2 big troughs of water. Please note it is all dam water.



EvA 95 Showjumping will be on Saturday

All other classes will be on Sunday. We will aim to jump you in reverse order.

Warm up will be on the outdoor arena with the final few jumps done on the grass practice arena. Only a couple of horses will be in the final grass practice arena at a time. You will be marshalled down to the Competition arena. Should you need to work your horse on the flat before, please use the Indoor arena and move up to the Outdoor when it is time for you to jump.


EvA 95 Riders can collect their Prizes 30mins after the final scores have been posted from the office.

ALL CCN1* & JR, CCI2*,3* & 4* RIDERS presentations will be at the conclusion of the showjumping after each class: You will be rosetted and rugged outside the arena and then come in on your horse. After you have been awarded your prize money and thanked the sponsor, the first 3 place getters will be asked to dismount, hand their horses to their grooms and get on the podium and spray each other with champagne (non-alcoholic for juniors). Place getters will have their photo taken with the sponsor, know who it is and please thank them.

CCN1*-S: 1st – 10th mounted

CCN1*-S JR: 1st – 6th mounted

CCS2*-S: 1st – 10th mounted

CCS3*-S: 1st – 8th mounted

CCS4*-S: 1st – 8th mounted


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Tel: 02 4885 2406 | 0417 664 151


ADDRESS: Wallaby Hill Farm, 122 Wallaby Hill Road, Robertson, NSW 2577